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eVolve Group is a 3rd generation Manufacturers Representative agency that provides a full spectrum of sales and marketing services that help manufacturers sell products into Amazon and manage them for growth.

Since 1978, our experienced and responsive team of professionals has driven manufacturer success by focusing on:

  • Increasing the sales of new and existing product lines
  • Delivering quality service and first class communications
  • Providing market and channel specific guidance

eVolve Group is 100% focused on helping brands grow with Amazon by creating winning digital strategies. Our team of sales, marketing and Information Technology (IT) experts works closely with the manufacturers we represent to enhance their listings with the best content, product images, videos, reviews, and other marketing and promotional tools. We maintain an office in Seattle, steps from Amazon’s headquarters, which enables us to connect with key personnel, stay ahead of the curve with new Amazon programs and initiatives, and attend events that enhance our ability to grow your business.

We share your goal of taking your Amazon business to the next level and stand committed to delivering exceptional sales growth and unparalleled customer service.

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Spend more time focusing on your products while we put our expertise and knowledge of Amazon’s platform to work for you managing your line and driving your sales. Your Amazon success is our mission.

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