eVolve Group will work with you to create, enhance, and improve your Amazon product listings to increase exposure to your products and drive sales! Speed-to-market is critical to success and eVolve Group offers the resources to provide efficient and effective Amazon content merchandising. Amazon offers a variety of unique options for merchandising your products and we are experts at navigating these options and tailoring their use based on your needs.

A+ Content Pages

A+ Content Pages enable you to access additional layout and content options on Amazon that help you promote your products. Selling on Amazon is not simply about fulfilling the minimum requirements to get your products live. It’s about optimizing your content to ensure the highest exposure and increased conversion rate. Our content consulting team will work in conjunction with you to create A+ Content that increases customer conversion, improves SEO, retains customer interest, educates shoppers about model variations and features, and promotes brand awareness. Conversion rate is a key focus point of our team and we work to constantly improve your listings through detail page variations, images, videos, bullet points, and enhanced content.

Detail Page Variations

Detail Page Variations allow brands to better organize and merchandise their product detail pages so that variations of a product family, such as different colors and sizes, can appear on the same detail page in a single listing. We will work hand in hand with you to create detail page variations, which will greatly improve the customer experience when shopping your brand, and most importantly, increase your conversion rate.

Product Images

Show your products off!

The quality of product images in a listing is very important when consumers are making purchasing decisions. eVolve Group is a huge advocate of strong product images and we understand the types of photos that attract consumers, keep them on your listings, and ultimately convert them to sales. Key components of a quality listing include: sharp, high resolution main and alternative images, images against white backgrounds, lifestyle images, and images of the products in use. eVolve Group can connect you to professional photography resources that will ensure that your images meet these standards and put your products in the best possible position to sell.

Video Marketing

Bring your products to life!

Videos included in product listings enable brands to clearly demonstrate the features and benefits of their products and stand out from their competitors. Similar to product images, a quality video in a listing will dramatically increase conversion rates for your products. eVolve Group has access to exclusive video production resources and can help you create videos that bring your listings to the next level and drive sales.

Product Reviews

The majority of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase and most will not buy a product that has not received positive reviews. Amazon’s Vine review program is a key component of generating these important reviews. eVolve Group will walk you through the Vine enrollment process and help manage it for success, ensuring that your lines are getting the reviews they need to sell through products.

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